i am attending a class that im not officially registered for called ‘the performance of radical politics’

im supposed to give a half-hour presentation/lead discussion on marina abramovic this week

i feel nervous about this because i am intimidated by most of my classmates even though i also feel contempt for them

it’s a class of about 10 and 2-3 of them have openly self-identified as an ‘anarchist’ in class

people who self-identify as anarchists seem obnoxious but when they back it up with their earnest beliefs and actions i am jealous that they believe in things

some of my classmates have said things about what they are going to do after they graduate because most of them are seniors and care about things enough that they have planned out their near futures

things i don’t want to think about

one girl is doing a grad program, or something, in geneva, that combines theatre/performance art and politics/activism, i think

jesus christ

im certain that all of them already have opinions on marina abramovic

i don’t know how i feel about marina abramovic other than i like her

my teacher thinks her work is political and when i was like ‘idgi’ he said she’s from a ‘fascist’ country

and i thought, that is such a white person thing to say

'fascism' seems made up, it doesn't actually mean anything, it's just a word ppl use to attack other ppl i think, i googled 'define:fascism' and this verified my suspicion

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